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The Billy Sullivan site!
About me: Well i'm a simple guy, i like anime, specific anime, well there would be to much to name, so i'll just name my top three: Yu Yu Hakusho, MAR, and Bleach. I also love video games, again to much to name so...i'll name a few, The Legend of Zelda series, the Super Smash Brothers trilogy, and Mario. my interests include, hanging out with friends, girls, basketball, swimming, survivor(the show), music, t.v., computer, photography, and holidays. Well, then again maybe I'm not so simple.
Nicknames: Booboo:stage tech, Billamastah:Mikkel, Bill:alotta people, Silly Billy: Mr. Miki, Scuttle baby# 2: The scuttle babies, bud: my parents, and Peter: neighborhood friends.