Mr. Turkey wants some fan mail
In the 1600s a ship called the Mayflower rode over to American shores. A group of colonists from England hopped off the vessel and began to explore. A group of Native Americans who lived in the region (called a reservation) were curious to examine these people closer. Soon a big dispute broke out and many Native Americans and Colonists alike were slaughtered. Eventually this dispute got old, and they decided to form a truce. To ensure that the peace would not be broken there was a celebration. At the celebration there was a huge feast. The food consisted of many herbs and spices, and potatoes, but the main dish was the best of all, a wonderful turkey. Now every year since that day, on the exact day it occured we celebrate this holiday in the form of thanksgiving, where we eat Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cornocopias, cranberry sauce and ham. Thank you pilgrims and Indians!
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