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Happy Thanksgiving or to most happy fat day!

Yes, yes fat day, the day when we eat Turkey and don't give a crap about who calls us fat or chunky, because they will be too. Turkey, Cranberry sauce, stuffing, biscuits, salad, ham, apple pie, cookies, so many different foods all piled along that seemingly endless buffet table, delicious right? Not only that, but it's also a day for family, when you all get together and the adults all sit around the living room and get drunk, and the kids go outside and play football, but the adults think their missing. Yes, fat day, errr... thanksgiving, one of my favorite holidays. The holiday that fat and skinny people alike look forward to all year long. Oh, those poor poor turkeys, their death is sad, but delicious. How could anyone resist the turkey, oh and the buttered rolls, you must be joking, the meal is not even the best part. My family, all the kids go down and play video games and have an ultimate tournament for supremacy in guitar hero, super smash brothers, wii sports, mario party, and mario kart. Yes, i cannot wait for the next thanksgiving and i bet everyone else is just as excited as I am.